ISO 9001:2008 3149 1188

Fire Door

Sandor provides pre-designed Fire Rated Door System in FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 for every requirement, including private, commercial and public buildings. Sandor fire doors have been deployed in schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, shopping malls, transport terminals, apartment complexes and more.

With Sandor, clients have the convenience of a one-stop service centre, where the entire door set from can be procured instead of having to coordinate orders, compliance, scheduling and deliveries from several suppliers. And compatibility issues no longer arise because all Sandor Fire Door set components have been optimized for maximum performance at source. Sandor also supplies door set custom-manufacturered for particular applications according to customer’s specific requirements.
  • Breakthrough Technology
  • Consistent Design Theme
  • Superior Engineering
  • Limitless Options
  • Certification For Environmental Friendly Product